6 Secluded White Beaches Invite You to the Enchanting Island of Bali

Whether it is for their sand, sun, surf and amazing snorkeling, or merely for their serene ambience, the beaches on the enchanting island of Bali never fail to offer something for everyone. Having built its reputation since the 80’s, some of the more well known beaches such as Kuta, Sanur, or Nusa Dua area already popular worldwide.Here, the beautiful coast of Bali fringes around luxurious resorts and popular tourist attractions. Over time, more amazing secluded beaches were “discovered” surrounding the island, continuously adding to the splendor that spells Bali.

So, whether you are a frequent traveler or a first timer, these are some of the island’s most fascinating beaches that may not have been in the spotlight, but are most definitely worth a visit.

1 | Balangan Beach

Ranked 1st in CNN Go’s “Bali's best 5 hidden beaches” released on January 2012, this secluded paradise lies about some 30-40 minutes from the highly popular Kuta Beach. A perfect place to stroll down and enjoy the tranquility of nature at its finest, Surfers aficionados find at Balangan beach Bali’s longest left-hander breaks.


2 | Dreamland Beach


Not quite a secret beach anymore but still slightly ‘hidden’ due to its secluded location, Dreamland, Balangan’s ‘next door neighbour’, truly lives up to its name. A vast stretch of soft pearly white sand, clear blue sky over the crystal clear blue waters, and nothing but the fascinating sound of waves hitting the shores; this is where nature interprets your dream.

3 | Suluban Beach


World-class thrilling waves meet jaw-dropping scenery at the secluded surfers’ paradise of Suluban Beach. Be it for a surfing holiday or a romantic getaway, the waves together with the spectacular scenery at Suluban Beach are indeed a true gem that make Bali sparkle.

4 | Amed Beach


Amed Beach East Bali is everything you dreamed it would be: a rare and special paradise of outstanding exotic beauty, vibrant culture and friendly people. Snorkeling and diving off the black-sand beach here is exceptional, the variety and number of fish species here are among the best in Bali

5 | Pandawa Beach


Concealed behind high cliffs and overgrown shrubbery, Pandawa beach has long remained secluded from the crowds of tourists, due to the less-than-easy path that has to be taken to access it. Seemingly endless stretches of pure white sand span from one end to the other. The clear blue water heaves to shore with the swell of the ocean in hypnotic rolling waves, from where the sea touches the sky.

6 | Pemuteran Beach


The coastal Village of Pemuteran in North Bali is as far as it gets from the hustle and bustle found in the south of this fabled island. Instead, here peace and tranquility welcome all to its secluded beaches and captivating hilly background. The charm of Pemuteran also lies below the surface of its calm waters, in the many diving spots, and most especially its phenomenal Underwater Temple.

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