“secret beach” in Bali

There are always incredible locations to be found in Bali, Thomas beach is one of them. It is truly an underrated slice of paradise in Uluwatu area.

This beach used to be a “secret beach” in Bali – known only by the locals and it Is still one of the most undiscovered beaches for most tourists visiting Bali.

Thomas beach is located in the south part of Bali in the Bukit Peninsula area. It’s right between the popular surf beaches of Labuansait beach and Uluwatu.

The name of this beach is quite unique, locals said that it because the beach was discovered by a foreign named Thomas.

Getting to Thomas Beach requires some effort, because you have to walk 175 steps down a coastal path to reach the beach. It will take you a short ten minutes to descend the stairs, but after this little work out you can relax at the beautiful shoreline of Thomas Beach. The turquoise water is calm enough for swimming, and the sand is soft enough to lie or stroll on.

The treats of white sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs surrounding this beach and the endless sound of waves will accompany your steps to enjoy every corner of Thomas beach.

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