Badung Regency is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali province that most sought after by investors. It can be seen from the large number of tourism facilities such as hotels and restaurants that exist in this region especially in South Badung area. Up to this point, we can see that the main revenue potential in the Badung Regency are sourced from income of hotels and restaurants. It must continue to be maintained and even improved. The improvement of hotel and restaurant revenues can be made with the development of new tourism potential that is determined by its tourist attraction.

Development process of tourism in Badung Regency can potentially cause saturation. To anticipate the occurrence of saturation in the future, it should be considered to develop new tourism potential that is sensitive to the needs of the tourism market by taking into account the 5M principle of buyers (man, money, machine, materials, and methods). The development of new tourism potential must be in line with the ninth vision and mission of the regency of Badung: "Strengthen the development of agriculture, fishery and marine in synergy with cultural-based tourism”, by highlighting the aspects of Uniqueness and Differential and packing the tourist attraction with a creative promotion. The potential of new tourism that can be developed in Badung regency can be a Natural tourist attraction, Wild, and Man Made (artificial).

Based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 10 of 2009 on tourism that tourist attraction can be described as everything that has uniqueness, convenience, and values that are tangible diversity, natural wealth, culture, and man-made products that are targeted or visited by tourists. While in the Law Number 9 of 1990 about tourism mentioned that the tourist attraction is a tourist destination, which consists of several things, namely:

  1. the tourist attraction of God Almighty's creation consisting of nature, flora and fauna;

  2. the tourist attraction of human works consisting of museums, historical relics, arts and culture, agro tourism, hunting, adventure tourism, recreational parks, and entertainment complexes; and

  3. A special interest attraction is an attraction to the interests of tourists such as hunting, mountain climbing, caves, industries and crafts, shopping, rushing water, places of worship, places of pilgrimage and others.

Until now, the tourist attraction developed in Badung Regency as many as 36 locations, which as many as 33 tourist attraction based on Badung Regent Regulation Number 7 of 2005 and 3 tourist attraction based on Regulation of Badung Regent Number 43 of 2014. Thus for the future in order to develop new tourism potential in the region performed outside the assigned location. The development of a destination is determined by: an attractive and unique tourist attraction, data on surrounding natural resources for infrastructure development (accessibility), daily living needs of tourists, and other facilities (banks, postal, telephone, etc.). To know the potential of tourism in a region it is necessary to identify the local factors that affect the various possibilities of tourist attraction and supporting facilities. The identification of tourist attractions is made to the type and potential of existing tourist attractions and their approximate attractiveness for each new tourist attraction that may be developed.