Village Tourism

Bali as a world tourism destination is currently developing a tourist village as a unique tourist destination. In addition to create popular tourism, also trusted as a shape of cultural communication from Bali tourism which based cultural tourism.

Badung Regency is one of 9 regencies and cities in Bali province which is the main gateway for tourists visiting to Bali. Tourism in Badung regency is very popular in overseas, because of its agriculture, fishery, and marine that activities with tourism based culture. Badung regency in developing its tourism development has planned and implemented the idea of Tourism Village through Badung Mayor Regulation No. 47 of 2010 about determination of tourism village area in Badung Regency.  Since of 2010, Badung Regency has 11 Tourism Villages, all located in North Badung (Petang Sub-districts) and Central Badung (Mengwi and Abiansemal Sub-districts) namely:

1. Desa Bongkasa Pertiwi T

2. Desa Pangsan

3. Desa Kerta

4. Desa Plaga

5. Desa Belok

6. Desa Carang Sari

7. Desa Sangeh

8. Desa Baha

9. Desa Kapal

10. Desa Mengwi

11. Desa Munggu