Latest Travel Rules to and from Bali, Effective April 1, 2021 - The Indonesian government through the Covid-19 Handling Task Force issued the latest domestic travel regulations. These rules are stated in Circular (SE) Number 12 of 2021 concerning Provisions for Domestic Travel During the Covid-19 Pandemic which take effect from April 1, 2021 until an undetermined time limit One of the specific rules stipulated here is regarding the travel rules to and from the island of Bali which have slightly changed from the previous rules. Here are the complete rules as summarized by


1. Conditions for the Covid-19 test For travelers traveling to Bali by air, sea and land transportation, both private and public, must show a negative result of the Covid-19 test. There are three methods to choose from, namely the RT-PCR test or the rapid antigen test or the GeNose C19 test.


2. Sample validity period The sample validity period for the RT-PCR test and antigen rapid test is a maximum of 2x24 hours before departure. Meanwhile, for the GeNose C19 test, it can be done directly at the airport, port, or terminal before departure as a travel requirement.


3. Mandatory filling out Indonesia's e-HAC Travel agents using air and sea transportation are required to fill out Indonesia's electronic-Health Access Card (e-HAC). Meanwhile, travelers with all modes of public and private land transportation are only advised.


4. Exceptions to the special test conditions for children under the age of five are not required to take an RT-PCR test or an antigen rapid test or a GeNose C19 test as a condition of travel.


5. If the result is negative but there are symptoms If the result of the RT-PCR test or rapid antigen test or GeNose C19 test of the traveler is negative but shows symptoms, then the traveler may not continue the trip. They are then required to perform RT-PCR diagnostic tests and self-isolation during the waiting time for the results.


6. Price of GeNose There is no definite information regarding the price of the GeNose C19 test. Will it be the same as the GeNose test fare at the train station or not. The current GeNose test price at train stations is IDR 30,000. Also read: GeNose can be a condition for boarding a plane starting April 1, these are the provisions "Later it will be announced further," said Ministry of Transportation spokesperson Adita Irawati when contacted by, Monday (29/3/2021). However, as of April 1, 2021, finally the GeNose test fee at the airport is finally pegged at Rp. 40,000.


7. GeNose in stages at four airports Currently, there are only four airports that will be able to serve the GeNose C19 test for prospective passengers. Therefore, only prospective travelers departing from these four airports can only use the GeNose C19 test. "Still in stages at four airports: Palembang, Bandung, YIA Yogyakarta and Surabaya," said Adita. The four airports are included in the first stage, namely Sultan Mahmud Baddarudin II Airport in Palembang, Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung, Yogyakarta International Airport, and Juanda International Airport in Surabaya.


8. Health protocol Everyone is required to apply and comply with 3M's health protocols, namely wearing a mask, maintaining distance and avoiding crowds, and washing hands with soap or using hand sanitizers. In addition, the use of masks must also be done properly covering the nose and mouth. The type of mask used is also a three-layer cloth mask or medical mask. No one-way or two-way talk by telephone or in person during a trip by public transportation by land, rail, sea, river, lake, ferry and air. It is also not allowed to eat and drink along the flight journey for a trip of less than two hours. Except for individuals who are required to take drugs in the context of treatment. Also read: The Latest Land Route Travel Rules, Effective April 1, 2021


9. Changes from the previous rule There are several changes between this new rule and the previous one stated in the SE Task Force Number 7 of 2021. One of them is the question of using the GeNose C19 test. In SE Number 7 of 2021, there is no provision that allows the use of a negative result of the GeNose C19 test for airplane passengers, sea transportation passengers, as well as passengers on public and private land transportation to Bali Island. Then, there is also a change in the validity period of the antigen rapid test requirements for airplane passengers to Bali. Initially the validity period of this requirement was 1x24 hours, now this requirement can be valid for 2x24 hours, the same as the RT-PCR test requirements. Meanwhile, for other transportation users specifically to Bali, the validity period of the results is getting tighter. Initially the test results are valid for a maximum of 3x24 hours. Now, the test validity period is only 2x24 hours

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