After being stalled because of pandemic Covid-19 outbreak, the coronation of Jegeg Bagus Badung was held on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at the Kerta Gosana Hall with the theme Paripurna Awangun Bhuana which mean Build the Perfect Badung. Through the coronation which was followed by 10 couples of finalists, this is proof that the spirit of the Badung young generation does not recede in the midst of pandemic Covid-19. Selected finalists have passed selection phases with the the provisions set by the judges and committee.

The coronation of Jegeg Bagus Badung was attended by Deputy Regent of Badung I Ketut Suiasa, Regional Secretary of Badung Regency I Wayan Adi Arnawa, Acting Head of Badung Regency Tourism Department, Representatives of The Environmental Services and Cleanliness Department, Representatives of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprise Department, Representative of Regional National Craft Council of Badung Regency, Representative of National Narcotics Agency of Badung Regency and  Badung Regency Police Satlantas.  

The Deputy Regent appreciated the enthusiasm and independence of holding the Jegeg Bagus Badung Coronation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. He hopes that the winner of Jegeg Bagus Badung as a reflection of young generation with quality and high enthusiasm in building self-character as a good person as well as a role model in society who can contribute to regional development in the future.

Putu Arista Wahyu Devani crowned as the winner of Jegeg Badung 2020 and I Made Jaya Agastya named as Bagus Badung 2020. The winner of Jegeg Bagus Badung 2020 also appointed as Badung Regency Tourism and Culture Ambassador 2020. Runner Up I appointed  as the Badung Regency Anti-Drug Ambassador 2020, Runner Up II appointed as Badung Regency Traffic Unit Ambassador 2020, Runner Up III appointed as Badung Regency Environmental Ambassador 2020, and Runner Up IV appointed as Badung Regency Regional National Craft Council Ambassador 2020.

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