Perang Tipat Bantal

The villagers of Kapal and Padang Luwih, Badung Regency, has a unique tradition called "Perang Tipat Bantal" or Tipat Bantal War. The culture has been held since 1337, as an order of Kebo Iwa to express praise for God's sustenance and blessings in the form of abundance and fertility that have been given. This belief is carried out from generation to generation up to the present time.

The war ritual is aimed to carry out "Tajen Pengangon" to invoke protection and victory for humanity.

The kind tradition is also often called "Aci Rah Pengangon" by the local community. It begins with a mutual prayer by all villagers. Afterward, the villager's priest will sprinkle holy water to beg for the protection of all society and participants who carry out the war tradition. Dozens of bare-chested men divided into two groups to threw tipat (cooked rice wrapped in a square-shaped woven coconut leaf) and bantal (cooked rice wrapped cylindrical shape made from coconut leaf).

They threw tipat and bantal each other. The war ran for five minutes and served as preliminary of the more significant battle held on the outer yard of the village temple. Tipat means a symbol of masculine, and the war means that assembly of tipat and bantal as an engagement of men and women who will give birth to live.

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