The treads of the Mengwi Kingdom are still leaving some precious relics. Mekotek ceremony or also known as Ngerebek is one of them. The tradition has been handed down for generations lately. In the past, this tradition was used to welcome or encourage royal soldiers who were going to war or after the war.

Stick fighting, or Mekotek is produced by the sound of timbers or bamboos that hit when the woods are united into a mountain shape angled upwards. Gamelan music playing throughout the ritual also adds to the atmosphere with gamelan musicians following the proceedings along with many spectators and rival supporters.

The tradition is still celebrated, with a purpose for mercy from God to prevent outbreaks of disease or any dangers that might threaten the village Munggu. The culture has three meanings, first is respect for heroes devotion, secondly as repellent and giving safety and fertility to agriculture, and thirdly bringing together and uniting the younger generation in the village.

At least there are 12 hamlets under the auspices of Munggu Village which follows the hereditary tradition.

The ceremony held every six months, 210 days (based on the Hinduism calendar) right on the Kuningan holiday or the Galungan holiday. The difference is Mekotek used to use iron in the former time which meant giving a fighting spirit. To avoid injured participants, the iron spears were replaced with pullet sticks which had been peeled and measured about 2 to 3.5 meters length. The participants must dress in traditional customs, namely kancut and traditional hats or udeng batik.

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