Mina Wisata Festival

Kedonganan is a seaside area in South Badung which previously known as fish producer area. In the past ten years, the region has developed as one of the most popular tourist destinations for its seafood. Numbers of activities which combined fishers and tourism activities have started to be prepared. The concept then called "Mina Wisata" namely fisheries-based tourism. With a beautiful and fascinating panorama, calm bay, and its spectacular sunset which is lined with airport lights in the northern as well as existing fisheries and well-known culinary tourism. Moreover, Mina Wisata concept can be immediately realized. All activities related to the fishing, starting from fishermen's life, catching, and unloading activities of catching fish, plan to construct Fisherman Museum. Those above will be such a unique and attractive tourist attraction.

Tourists can enjoy panorama and atmosphere of Jimbaran while appreciating the famous Kedonganan seafood. In September 2019, Mina Wisata Festival which involved local communities, tourism stakeholders, hotels, restaurants, travel agents, and fisheries business around villages there,  took place to introduce the concept to the public and build awareness, particularly Kedonganan youth. Through the festival, it is expected that people awareness, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders to always work together and hand-in-hand in building sustainable tourism in Kedonganan. This is a brief concept of Mina Wisata through an effort to develop sustainable tourism in the village.

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