Badung Art & Culture Festival

This year, Badung Art and Cultural Festival is entering the 13th year. This event is taking place in front of Taman Ayun Temple, Mengwi, and centered at Badung Government central. The annual festival as the line of Badung's capital Mangupura anniversary which is directly opened by the Regent of Badung.

The government and other institutions are dedicated to preserving traditions, religion, and cultural arts. Since almost the last three years, the cultural mainstreaming has been realized; thus, the philosophy of achieving development in Badung mostly waiting to be rooted in Balinese culture and art.

Within the implementation of the art and cultural festival, all artist through studios and art troupe as well as Badung local community cooperate in preserving and maintaining the culture that exists in Badung and Bali.

Find out more about this year's Badung Art and Cultural Festival which run for almost a week in November. Get up close and personal with the festival's activities featuring a numbers of contest dances and parades, such as ogoh-ogoh parade, angklung contest, barong bapang, and playing solo drums "makendang tunggal" contest, baleganjur contest throughout Bali which joined by art studios, art, troupes, and children all over the island.

Through all competition, Badung develops art, culture, and young generation within new colors, various experiences, and universal elements. The festival is a space to promote tourism potential while at the same time balancing South and North Badung's economy. They are preserving with various discoveries to provide space for the artist to display their artistic works.

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