Kite Festival

Preserving Balinese traditional kites and culture, the festival divided into several categories, namely the adult category of Bebean, Pecukan, Jangan, and Jangan Buntut, Bebean of big sizes, and classic bebean, and teenage category such as Bebean, Plastic Bebean, Plastic Peecukan, Pecukan, Janggan, Plastic Janggan. Meanwhile, the participants divided into children and adult categories. Janggan is the biggest kite resembles birds with shorter and rounder wings, with 8 meters width and 160-meter tail length, local and foreign tourists are mostly awaiting the kite. A total of 1000 kites belonging to 100 groups from all district throughout Bali will be staged for two days.

The windy season in Bali is a remark of Badung Kites Festival's implementation. Set at Munggu Beach, Badung Regency, the annual festival agenda organized by Badung Tourism Department and Pelangi Badung community and planned to gather approximately 700 participants from Badung, Tabanan, Gianyar, and Denpasar. Holding in the middle of July 2019, the Kites Festival takes Sanga Datu's concept (Hindu's God concept, Dewata Nawa Sanga). Kites and traditions of flying kites have closely related to Rare Angon's story. People believe that Rare Angon, the God of Kites is a manifestation of Shiva.

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