Badung Agro Culture Festival

North Badung is famous for its beautiful mountain tourism and rice fields. In the same way, North Badung presents a regular festival which arranged every year in the middle of July, Badung agro-Cultural Festival.

This event is taking place at Tukad Bangkung Bridge, Pelaga Village, Petang Sub District. The tourists can see the festival while enjoying the beautiful view of Marigold flowers along the bridge.

The particular bridge which is claimed to be the highest bridge in Southeast Asia and the longest in Bali has a length of 360 meters. This is where the cultural parade, ogoh-ogoh from various agricultural products and other festival activities will be performed.

The purposes of these events are preserving the agriculture potential in the North Badung region as well as to explore the spirit of agricultural culture and build synergies between agriculture and sustainable tourism.

The most fascinated thing is tourists can watch and participate in various competitions such as flower arrangement, creating mini hydroponics, fruit carving or klangsah hat competitions (hats made of coconut leaves). Plus enjoy the sensation of watching the festival from about 71.14 height meters.

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