Petitenget Festival

Petitenget Arts Festival and Bali Spirit Festival were firstly held in 2018 at Petitenget Beach. The festival presents various arts and cultural attractions. It is the beginning of the revival of Wayang Wong Dance, which has been suspended for 72 years. It takes place at Petitenget Temple, Wantilan Hall, Kerobokan, Kuta.

The ancient royal dance remains to leave the history up to this day, although it has not been shown for a long time. Wayang Wong’s is almost extinct since the artists had died and there has been yet generation until local artists of Kerobokan Village represent the art during the festival.

When visiting Puri Kelodan Kerobokan, you may find a dozen original masks or footprints. Unfortunately, those masks and dance cannot be carelessly performed, that is why the general performance will be duplicated and still fascinating and enjoyable. It is regularly scheduled in September. This annual festival brings any activities, including Bali Food Festival, Local Band Competition, National DJ’s performances, fishing tournaments, laughter yoga, and many more.

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