Bali Heritage Food Festival

Bali Heritage Food and Festival brings all communities with various types of food and makes them eager for it. The event is organized by ITDC and held in October, features a number of culinary activities, such as cooking class, cooking battle, cooking competitions, food contest, eating spicy food competitions, making mass satay, making Balinese Food “Lawar” that is made with a mixture of herbs, vegetables, and grated coconut. Live music and involving a lot of participants including foreign tourists.

Taking place at Peninsula Island, the event also displays the changes in today’s lifestyle for people who tend to enjoy a culinary experience on holiday. Various attractions that are offering experiences to enjoy the authentic of Balinese food for tourists who come to visit or stay in Nusa Dua.

Bali Heritage Food Festival raises the potential of culinary traders around Nusa Dua Beach. Through that training, it is expected that the traders can present culinary standards and hygiene food, but still delicious to be enjoyed by tourists.

Meanwhile, the culinary tour has a purpose of introducing various kinds of culinary in Indonesia, starting from the way of serving, cooking techniques, and the uniqueness of the cuisine in each region.

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