Berawa Beach Arts Festival

Berawa Beach Art is one of Badung Regency’s annual tourism events calendar. It is routinely held in May at Berawa Beach, Tibubeneng Village. Regarding the cross-cultural relationship, the festival is an attempt to raise creativity at North Kuta. Through artistic appalling, the community is stimulated to be able to develop potentials and to promote tourism destinations by tilling the local wisdom. By representing the unique arts and cultural expositions to international attention, the cultural community-based tourism will maintain their identity.

On occasion, Tibubeneng community held the Sea Food Festival that presented with various processed seafood with a Balinese flavor. Each hamlet from 13 hamlets will give their respective dishes and to be paraded in a cultural art parade at the opening of the festival.

Berawa is one of Badung’s exotic beaches. This area is well-manage to build community-based tourism patterns. For four days, the festival is filled with various art performances, such as colossal Kecak, art and sculpture exhibitions, puppet shows, painting workshops, live sketch, masks, and recycle art.

Even though Berawa is not as famous Kuta Beach, through this festival, it is expected to lift the branding of Berawa Beach as one of the surfing destinations for international tourists.

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