Kancing Bumi Temple

Kancing Bumi Temple located in the traditional village of Batulantang Sulangai, Petang, Badung Regency. It has been difficult to trace when the true Pura Kancing Bumi established. However, based on research conducted Balai Archeology Denpasar and Asylum Historical and Archaeological Heritage Bali-NTB-NTT-Timtim (1991) stated that phallus located in the temple area is a menhir. A menhir is a Megalithic form of prehistory times that generally serve as a place of worship.


Functionally, Batu Lantang Traditional Village, Pura Kancing Bumi is also a place to ask for speed recovery for curing diseases. Similarly, pets or crops in fields attacked by pests and if there is a prolonged dry season, the local people beg for rain towards the temple. Conversely also begs to reject the storm when a big ceremony is being held.


The Structure of Pura Kancing Bumi is very ordinary. The temple area is not greater than four-acre with limited of the wall of penyengker. Pelinggih or main sacred building is in the form of phallus limb in the way of nine. Even though it is simple, this place is believed that form the many menhirs scattered in Bali, this is where all the menhirs are "locked" Bali until it becomes stable, it doesn't falter forever like it were rock stars that lock the earth.


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