Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple located in the village of Mengwi, Badung. A place 60 minutes drive or 31 km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Air Port. Taman Ayun, which means beautiful garden established since the days of empire, precisely constructed in 1634 by the first king of the Kingdom of Mengwi, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Sakti or Tjokorda Blambangan.


Taman Ayun Temple server is a source of irrigation, Pura mother and unifying the community. Irrigation function indicated by the pools that surround the temple used by farmers for causes of flooding, in which water pools were connected to the rice fields around the temple. Mother temple and unifying function, indicated by the presence of the temple as a place of worship for the people who have the same ancestral lineage to unite them as a big family.



Given the history of the establishment and its functions, we can say if Taman Ayun Temple is a combination of natural beauty and springs. The expertise of King Tjokorda Way Blambangan who successfully integrate into a beautiful place as well as build an irrigation system for the prosperity of his people. A perfect harmony between man and nature should be preserved by all of the generations.



Taman Ayun Temple is in order with the concept of the traditional Balinese garden surrounded by an artificial river with a variety of typical Balinese rare plant species. The beauty of the landscape coupled with the sacred building Meru overlap SOLAS (the building with the fibers roof as material while the most prestigious meru contains 11 tiers). Meru typifies sthana believed to be a sacred place of the Gods.



With a panoramic view of the beautiful water park empire and fresh air is so captivated, this place is lovely and suitable for spiritual attraction shows, art, and culture where tourist seemed to be in the heyday of the royal Mengwi. TamanAyun is a true symbol of nobility charm!



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