Tukad Bangkung Bridge

Tukad Bangkung Bridge is located in Pelaga Village, Petang Sub-District, Badung Regency. It is 60 km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. The bridge is 360 meters long, 9.6 meters wide, with the height, reaches 71.14 meters, and the foundation pillars are 41 meters below land. With the Balance Cantilever technology, it has an estimated life span of 100 years. In order to not affect the surrounding scenery, the bridge was not built with a roof. The bridge construction is assumed to withstand against earthquakes of up to seven on the Richter scale.


The bridge is claimed to be the highest one in Asia, which is a unique tourist attraction (ODTWK) of Badung, connecting two altitude hills that look amazing.


From the top of this bridge, visitors who visit it may witness the charming natural scenery, with panoramic valley, green hills, refreshing air, the river below the bridge is winding, and clear flowing water as the value-added of the beauty of this place. During holidays and feast days such as Galungan and Kuningan, many visitors come with their family and friends to enjoy the natural ambience at Tukad Bangkung Bridge.


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