Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is hidden between two cliffs. Balangan Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the southern part of Bali Island. It is close to Dreamland beach and Uluwatu Temple and could be an alternative attraction you can visit.

The entrance access to the beach in Pecatu is not so difficult because the stairs have been provided which are wide enough for tourists. The ambience is still very natural and relaxing, moreover, it is an unfamiliar place for tourist. For surfers, this beach is very famous and a favorite spot for surfing besides Dreamland beach.


Balangan Beach with coastline approximately 1 km long north facing the north, so the activity of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is visible from here in the distance. The high cliffs are bounded in the eastern part with hollows underneath eroded by waves. In the western side, the shore is bordered by cliffs and filled with plants, especially palm trees, but it also features some cottages to enjoy the beaches from the height. The absorbing thing is when the sea condition is low tide from this beach we could lead to Dreamland Beach by walking along the west shore.


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