Cremation Ceremony

Cremation is a Balinese funeral ceremony of burning corpse conducted by Hindu people in Bali. This ceremony is held to release the soul deceased toward the final resting place utilizing burning corpses.


Cremation is done with a series of ceremonies, which made up of a variety of ritual offerings (sesaji/sesajen) and a few laced with symbols like other rituals that are often done by Hindu people in Bali.



The dead bodies are placed are placed in "Bade/coffin" and carried jointly. All members of the family and community line up in front of  "Bade/coffin" by giving their last goodbyes with prayers. Headed for the cremation ceremony, if there is an intersection or junction, the Bade/coffin will be rotated around three times, it is believed that the spirits are confused and cannot be able to come back again. Arriving at the gravesite or the cremation place has been prepared, the corpse is put/placed on/in "Bull-Shaped Replication" which has been firstly prepared by the priest reciting mantras and prayers and ceremonies. When the Ngaben Ceremony is conducted, the "Bull" is burned to ashes. The ashes from the residue of the cremation filled into inside yellow palm fruit which is later will be floated/washed away into the sea or river to remain back to the element of life.



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