Melasti or Yadnya Ceremony is aimed to purify one self spiritually and physically. By enhancing the serenity of mind, the procession to cleanse the universe is symbolized by serving the offering to the sea and purification to all statues, Pratima, Nyasa, pralingga symbol of sthana (shrine) of Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, God Almighty in all His Manifestations

Melasti is also called as Melis or Mekiis is run three days before Nyepi Holiday. It is aimed to remove all kind of defilement thoughts, words, and deeds, as well as to obtain holy water (Angemet Tirta Amerta) for life. Melasti can be run at the sea, lakes and purified water spring.

Jimbaran Beach and Kuta Beach are well-known beaches in Bali where Hindu Bali Melasti ceremony procession are often taken place.


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