Mekotek Celebration Ceremony is always performed by the members of Munggu Village, Mengwi Sub-District, Badung Regency on every Kuningan Day. In addition, as a symbol of victory, Mekotek is also an attempt to deny evil spirit that happened to the village decades ago.


Mekotek is derived from the word "tek-tek" which is the effect of the sound of wooden friction for each other. The wood used for Mekotek must be of "pulet" type. The timbers are like pole form formation of the amount. Mekotek ceremony is performed with the purpose to beseech for safety. This ceremony is also known as the term ngerebek.


The tradition is attended by approximately 2000 residents of Munggu from 15 banjars who dropped to the streets from the age of 12 to 60 years old is preceded by prayers at Desa Temple. Then they go hand in hand carrying a 2-meter length of timber stick surround all corners of the village. They walked while shouting in cheer towards the rice field situated at the end of the Village with all the participants in Dalem Temple of Munggu.


The thanksgiving ceremony here is performed where for six months, agricultural plantation and businesses of the people were going well. At every T-junction passed, each group consisting of 50 people will make a triangular shape incorporates the wood until the cone-shaped then they are spinning, prancing with gamelan accompaniment. At an exact moment a presumed man having the guts at once have the vows will climb the top of pyramid and do attractions are either raised his baton or standing with clenched hands, all the while screaming like warlord, like soldier commanding soldiers to the enemy, keeps crashing the enemy and then collide with the group that established the pile of wood to another. After a series of ceremonies take place, overall participants headed to a water source that is in the northern part of the village. Holy shield and all the ceremonies of sacred water container were cleaned.


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